Real Money Roulette

Roulette is the iconic game of luck in the casino world. Fortunes can hang on the spin of a wheel and the final resting place of the roulette ball, which seems to spend a lifetime rolling around before finally landing on a number. Playing real money roulette is an exhilarating experience, and best of all, it’s a very easy game to learn. After a quick lesson, you’ll be an expert who can confidently play roulette for real money.

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#1 Real Money Roulette Casino: Lucky Red Casino

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#2 Real Money Roulette Casino: Club World Casino

At Club World Casino (, players can choose between two different great roulette games, both of which are very true to their real world counterparts. Club World Casino also offers some great bonus deals; roulette players who sign up now will may take advantage of a number of roulette bonuses made available throughout the week.

#3 Real Money Roulette Casino: All Star Slots

All Star Slots’ ( roulette games will make you feel like you’re playing at a real table in a luxury resort casino – all from the comfort of your couch! All Star Slots also has several world class bonus offers that will provide special rewards for roulette players. These special roulette bonuses at All Star Slots aren’t available every day, so check out the promotions page at All Star Slots often and jump on them when they become available.

How to Play Roulette for Real Money

Roulette is a game with a large number of bets, but that shouldn’t intimidate you. Essentially, every bet on the table simply requires you to guess what number will come up on the next spin of the wheel; if you guess right, you win, and if you’re wrong, you’ll lose your bet.

Real money roulette games come in two major styles: American roulette and European roulette. Both wheels feature numbers ranging from 1-36; the European wheel also has a zero (0), while American roulette wheels have both the zero and a double zero (00). Both games pay the same odds for winning bets.

The simplest roulette wager is the single number bet. Players can bet on any number on the wheel, and if that number is selected on the next spin, the bet will pay out at odds of 35-1. There are also many bets on multiple numbers, including the following:

Split: A bet on two adjoining numbers; if either number comes up on the next spin, the bet wins 17-1.

Street: A bet on any line of three numbers; if any of these numbers hits, the bet pays 11-1.

Corner: A bet on a “square” of four numbers; if any of those numbers is chosen, the bet pays 8-1.

Six Line: A bet on two lines of three numbers each; if any of the six numbers is hit on the next spin, the bet pays 5-1.

Column and Dozen Bets: These bets cover 12 numbers at a time, and pay 2-1 if any of those numbers is the winner.

Odd/Even, Red/Black: These bets allow the player to predict if the next number will be odd or even, or if the color of the pocket the ball lands in will be red or black. Should the player win the bet, it will pay even money.

Real Money Roulette Strategy

One of the most amazing things about real money roulette is that the bets you choose to make will have very little impact on your results in the long run, as nearly every single bet on the table carries the same house edge. In American roulette, the house edge is 5.26%, while in European roulette, the house edge is 2.70% (sometimes less, as many European games also have rules that partially protect bets against a 0 result). The house edge essentially comes from the presence of the zeroes on the wheel; all bets are paid out with odds that would be fair for a wheel with just 36 numbers.

Because it has a lower house edge, you should play European roulette when you play roulette for real money. However, if you do choose to play American roulette, there is one bet in particular that you should watch out for. Do not make the “top line” bet that covers the numbers 0-00-1-2-3, as this bet is the only bet on the table with a higher house edge (approximately 7.9%).