Real Money Craps

Real money craps is one of the biggest draws in casinos. The combination of fast action and great odds is extremely attractive, as is the fact that a hot player can continue winning for dozens of rolls at a time. This also makes the game popular online, where you can play craps for real money any time you like. For some players, craps might seem scary and intimidating, but it’s actually a game anyone can pick up in just a few minutes.

#1 Real Money Craps Casino: Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino ( offers an amazing real money craps experience thanks to their Real Time Gaming software, which allows you to play craps both in a downloadable client and their browser-based casino. They also have a great bonus offer for new players; sign up for a new Lucky Red account today, and you’ll be able to receive a bonus of up to 55% on your first deposit! If you’re depositing on a weekday, use the bonus code OTHERGAMES55 for your special craps bonus.

#2 Real Money Craps Casino: Club World Casino

Club World Casino ( has a craps game that offers a full 3x odds behind the pass line, making it one of our favorite places to roll the dice online. You can also get special craps bonuses each week by signing up at Club World Casino today! Check the Club World promotions page often because these craps bonuses only last for a few days and are a rarity in the online casino world.

#3 Real Money Craps Casino: All Star Slots

At All Star Slots (, you’ll not only get great odds, but the great graphics and sound provide one of the most authentic craps experiences of any online casino. Sign up for an All Star Slots account today to get special craps bonuses each week. You have to check the All Star Slots promotions page often as these special craps bonuses are only available on select days, so plan ahead!

How to Play Craps for Real Money

When you first step to the craps table, there will be so much going on that you’ll probably think you could never understand the game. But real money craps isn’t really that hard to learn, particularly if you’re willing to stick to the basics of the game.

When you first play craps for real money, it’s probably best to start by making the pass line bet. This bet is the fundamental wager that the game revolves around. The game begins with a player – known as the shooter – rolling two dice in what is known as the “come out roll.” If that roll results in a total of 7 or 11, all pass line bets win even money. If the roll is a 2, 3 or 12, then all pass line bets lose.

If any other total is rolled, that number becomes the point. Players will now have the opportunity to wager additional money behind the pass line – usually the amount allowed ranges between 2x and 5x the initial bet made on the pass line. This is known as “taking the odds,” and offers better than even money if the shooter can roll the point a second time before rolling a 7. The odds offered depend on the exact point, and are as follows:

  • Point of 6 or 8: 6-5
  • Point of 5 or 9: 3-2
  • Point of 4 or 10: 2-1

If the shooter rolls a seven first, all pass line bets lose, as do all odds bets. If the shooter rolls the point, the pass line bet still wins even money, while the odds bets pay out according to the chart above.

As you become better acquainted with the basic game of craps, you can begin making other bets. For instance, you can bet “the wrong way” by betting on the don’t pass line; this bet is essentially the opposite of the pass line bet, and you’ll be rooting for the shooter to throw a seven before the point. Just as with the pass line, you’ll have the opportunity to “lay the odds” behind the don’t pass line to win even more money.

Real Money Craps Strategy

In our discussion on how to play craps, we mostly ignored the many prop bets available on the table. This was both to keep the game a little simpler for new players, and also because these bets tend to have higher house edges than the basic bets we mentioned. For these reasons, you should probably stick to the pass line (or the don’t pass line) when you start to play craps for real money.

If you do this, you’ll probably be happy with your results. Real money craps offers some of the best odds in the casino! The pass line bet has a house edge of just 1.41%, while the don’t pass line comes in with a house advantage of 1.36%. Even better, the odds you take or lay behind these lines are among the very best bets in the whole casino: they carry absolutely no house edge for the casino, paying out odds that are perfectly fair to both the player and the house. The casino makes its money on the initial pass line bet, while the odds bets are essentially a coin flip.